Pink-Danburite heartache

My top 5 crystals for dealing with Heartache

We’ve all been there right? That horrible feeling in your chest where your heart used to be?

Whether it’s a relationship breakup, a loss of a loved one, the loss of a pet, it hurts all the same and sometimes it just happens too often. We often start to neglect ourselves and try to take the pain away by drinking, taking drugs or eating copious amounts of chocolate.  Some like to even dodge dealing with the pain through over-excercising or being workaholics.  Whatever the vice we use to take the pain away, sometimes it just comes down to letting time pass and experiencing the emotions. We don’t always get over it, but we get through it…..eventually.

So how can we use crystals to heal our heartache? First of all, we need to know why it affects us all the same way. Let’s look at the word ‘Heart-ache’. We feel the pain in our heart area. This is the area that our heart chakra is located.

The Heart chakra is associated with your lungs that draw in air and your heart that draws in blood. Thus relating to how you draw in life and create balance between your internal and external environments. Your Heart chakra is therefore your relationship to the world and how you interact with it.

The Heart chakra is all about Love. How you love yourself and how you love others. From our Heart center we show compassion for others regardless of where they are in their life’s lessons. When we accept and love ourselves, we are able to accept and love others free from judgement, which ultimately is how we live compassionately.

The Heart chakra is also said to be the powerhouse of the chakras. This makes sense since it governs the heart and lungs which gives our body life. Love is the Universal Energy that connects everything. Love is the means to which we communicate with every living being. This is the fundamental driving force of the Law of Attraction. This is how your internal universe reflects your external universe. When you lead from a compassionate and loving Heart center, you will attract exactly that experience to you. Your life will be full of people and situations that reflect back your love and compassion.

So what happens when we experience heartache? We create an imbalance in our Heart Chakra, which leads to us disconnecting from the world. We tend to hide ourselves away, we cry, we don’t want to go out….you know the drill. How else does this create imbalance? The Heart Chakra is the gateway to our upper and lower chakras, so any imbalance will have an affect on our higher and lower chakras and we will lose the equilibrium of flow….and here comes the knock on effect. We either throw ourselves into our work or keep ourselves busy to delay us having to deal with the pain, therefore pushing our energy into our upper chakras and disassociating from our lower chakras. What does that create? We stop looking after ourselves physically by either not eating, or eating the wrong food. Our physical wellbeing is governed by our lower chakras, yes, the Base chakra is all about the nourishment we get from our food. So while we are escaping the pain of heartache by overworking, we over stimulate the crown chakra and deplete the Base chakra leading to physical exhaustion, which in turn will also lead to mental exhaustion.  The same applies if you throw yourself into too much exercise, you exhaust the lower chakras.  So you can see the many different implications for not dealing with your heartache? There are many different scenarios that can happen with other chakras as well, but this is one of the most common. Over time, we generally find our balance again, but whether we have dealt with it or not will always remain. You can run from your pain but you can’t hide. You eventually have to deal with it, feel it and let it go, or it will manifest itself somewhere else until it gets your attention.

This is where I turn to crystals! Yay! So what the heck are you supposed to pick and why?

Easy peasy. The Heart Chakra relates to the colours Pink and Green. So find yourself a pink or green crystal. I’ve listed my top 5 favourite crystals, coming from my recent experience in this matter, so I wanted to share them with you to show you what I’ve found. You’ll read a heap of different stuff in books and I am just sharing with you what my experience has been. I’ve of course given you some substitutes in case you can’t find or don’t have the ones I have mentioned. There are no hard and fast rules. You must be guided by your intuition and what feels right for you.

PINK DANBURITE – Wow, what can I say about this one. Apart from it being the most beautiful stone to look at and hold, it also has such a subtle strength to it. When you are dealing with heartache, you can feel so raw and just need something really gentle to work with. When you need gentle energy, pick stones that have gentle colours. So Pink Danburite also works on an Angelic level, being clear like quartz to work with the Crown Chakra. I also note that it has a very similar shape to Celestite, which also is for work with the Angelic Realm. I haven’t worked much with this realm, but when I do it is always so gentle and loving. So by working with the Crown and Heart Chakras, this stone for me helped with those a-ha moments of working out the why this happened and what I needed to do for myself.

WATERMELON TOURMALINE – This one might be a little harder to find as it can be quite expensive. Why do I love this one so much? Because it is both pink and green! Plus Tourmaline is a mover of energy. Crystals that have clear directions of stripes or indentations down the side, like Tourmaline and Kyanite, show the direction of flow of movement. They don’t hold onto energy, they move it. That’s why Tourmalines are good for shifting energy.

PINK ARAGONITE – Ok so I love this stone but hadn’t worked with it until now. Something about this stone spoke of strength. I know that it is a calcium rich mineral, therefore for me it represents a strength in structure, like your own skeleton that holds you up. So this stone is also about support. A perfect stone when you are feeling vulnerable.

GREEN JADE – Whenever I think of my heart chakra, I think of Emerald Green. I think of Nature and how beautiful it is that in the forest where I walk, it is the same colour. It’s like walking through a giant green Heart Chakra car wash! I have a beautiful chunk of Green Jade I was given in New Zealand. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that this stone helps you connect to the land, to Nature. So if you can’t get out to the forest for a walk or let’s face it, you might be having a Bridget Jones Diary meltdown and can’t get yourself out of your pyjamas or your eyes are so puffy from crying, you just can’t bear going out in public, find yourself a piece of Jade, or a green stone, hug a plant, sit on your lawn or whatever you have to do to find yourself some green….do it! Remember, through your heart you connect with the world, you connect to Nature. Connecting to Nature also grounds us and centres us. This helps with shifting your pain down through your lower chakras and into the earth… us some release and relief.

SELF-HEALED QUARTZ – I went crystal shopping and every quartz piece I picked up was a self-healed quartz! You will always always be drawn to what crystal or medicine you need. It becomes like an animal instinct of knowing what you need, when you follow your intuition. Self-healed quartz is exactly that…a crystal that has snapped or broken and then healed itself. Where the fracture was, will be a surface of smaller quartz crystals growing. This is an invaluable piece to have in your crystal tool chest! Why? Because no-one can heal you except you. When you sit with this energy, you resonate with it and by doing so, will shift your energy into a healing state and not a victim state. You will gain insight into what you need to do for you, but again you are the only one who can do the work. The faster you learn to work through what you need to, the easier it becomes to navigate life as it happens to you.

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  3. Amazing post, thank you for sharing your insight and passion. I’m definitely going to try to find a piece of pink danburite sounds like a brilliant crystal to have X

    1. Thanks Holly! 🙂 I do have a piece in the shop (I was contemplating keeping it because I’m so in love with it! ha ha), it’s actually the one in the post picture. It really is an amazing stone, but good luck! x

  4. Beautiful website and blog. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us all. I used to wear crystals all the time as a teenager. I think its time to find them again! xx

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