Working on Core Issues Fast Using Scepters

Hmmm, does the word Scepter conjure some sort of Lord of the Rings Gandalf scene or some sort of fantasy novel or movie? Yep, me too. But when you understand what crystal scepters are used for, you’ll want to rush out and get one immediately!

What makes them so damn awesome? Because essentially, they are two crystals in one! Yep, you heard me right. It is one crystal growing within another crystal or a crystal that has grown around another crystal.

How can you tell if your quartz is a scepter? I could write it all out for you, but….yawn zzzzz. So I did a quick video to show you instead! 😉

There are 2 types of Scepters and their uses are different:

Normal Scepter

A normal scepter with a long rod of a crystal and another crystal on the end.

USE: These scepters are used for getting to the root of an issue. The rod penetrates into the outer crystal, showing the energy it represents is being able to gain insight from the inside. In a healing, if the client is confused about an issue or you are needing to gain more insight into their condition, you can place the sceptor on the chakra in question if you know or perhaps place it by the crown or third eye chakras to give you more insight into what the root cause is of an issue.

When using it yourself, you might want to meditate with it. Hold it either close to your heart or perhaps on your third eye. I would suggest setting your intention to get to the root cause of your concern and when meditating with it, you might picture yourself entering the outside crystal and then entering the inside crystal. Once inside the crystal, ask for guidance on what the root issue is with your concern. Sit there in peace within the crystal. If something comes to you that’s fabulous, if it doesn’t, don’t be concerned! Once you have tapped into this energy and asked for help, you will receive answers over the course of time that will lead you to where you need to go next. That is the beauty of working with crystals. A lot of people think you need to experience something straight away, but sometimes it comes in the form of those a-ha moments over the next few days or little synchronicities that happen that confirm you are in alignment with Spirit.

Reverse Scepter

Essentially they look very similar to normal scepters, but you will see that the rod crystal coming out is terminated at the end.

So these scepters indicate that they shift energy from within to out. They are perfect to use in healings wherever the client is feeling physical pain. I point the termination of the crystal coming out of the large one towards to the feet, to direct the energy out of the body and to ground it. Or you can hold it, tune into it and make your intent of something you need to let go of or shift within yourself.

Want to feel the energy field of crystals?
Try this quick exercise!

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