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Browse our beautifully hand crafted jewelry, artwork, botanicals, wands, and much more in our shop.
The Crystal Grid Oracle
Blodeuwedd Print
Express/Strength – Talisman
Wish Wand
Tarot/Oracle Card Holder
Wheel of the Year


Plant Spirit Medicine and hand-crafted botanical range formulated by a Chinese and Western Herbalist.


Wands and Talking Sticks intuitively created with all natural objects found or gifted. A piece that only comes together when all the elements and timing is right, to create a one of a kind power piece.


Here you will find all things related to Crystals, The Celtic Tree Calendar, Earth-centered Spirituality and what’s happening at Spirit Stone.

About Me

Hi! My name is Nicola McIntosh

I am an Author, Artist, Herbalist and a practitioner of Celtic Shamanism.

Life is a journey. Sometimes it’s an endurance test. We’re all here learning and trying to navigate an increasingly stressful life. I’ve always had a yearning to help others and have a knack I guess for understanding things and being able to teach them in a simple way. We are all here to help lift one another up and my purpose through my Spirit Stone business is to do just that. My greatest learning has come from my spiritual practices, creating and getting into Nature. I believe the single most important key to our evolution is to become one again with Nature. Once we attune ourselves again to Nature’s cycles, we gain a sense of coming home and the peace I have found from doing this, words can’t do justice to. My hope is to help inspire and teach others how to obtain this peace and connection, because then we understand the necessity of looking after this planet. Then we understand the importance of raising each other up and coming together as one.

“My mission is to raise consciousness to help protect our planet, by creating awareness of our intimate connection to Nature…our connection to Source, where we ultimately find peace.”


Contact me

I will be offering in-house Workshops very soon. Please use the contact form if you wish to work with me or if you have any general questions!
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