Self-Care Rituals for your spiritual growth

What's your self-care ritual?

Reading a book or doing your oracle cards?  Maybe it’s having a herbal tea or pampering your body in the bath. We have your self-care ritual supplies covered, with beautifully hand-crafted items.

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Plant Spirit Medicine and botanical supplies for your self-care rituals, like teas, salves, bath salts and more!

Ritual Supplies

Hand-made ritual items from natural sources and made with intent.


Here you will find all things related to Earth-Centred Spirituality and self-care related articles to explore ways  to work on expanding your spirituality and self-care practices. 

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Hi, my name is Nicola McIntosh.  I am an Author, Artist, Herbalist and a practitioner of Celtic Shamanism.

My passion is working with the beautiful gifts from Nature for self-growth.  The greatest gift we can give ourselves is investing in our growth.  This starts with self-care.  We often don’t put ourselves on our priority list or think we don’t have the time or money to really give ourselves what we need.  A ritual can be anything like enjoying drinking your favourite cuppa, reading a book, or reading your own oracle cards in your comfy pyjamas.  It can take the form of being creative, gardening or making herbal creations for yourself.  A ritual’s purpose is to shift your consciousness for a specific intent.  With self-care rituals, the intent is on giving back to yourself.  Giving yourself a space to find peace and joy.

You see if we want peace and love in this world, it has to start with you as an individual.  We attract what we are, so we must radiate peace and love to draw more to us, then we can spread more peace and love.  When we look inwards and find that in ourselves first, then we can make a big impact to the world around us.

By working with the gifts of Nature, we then become in tune with our surroundings, we learn that we are part of Nature and not separate from it.  The peace you will find with this connection, will forever change you.

I hope to inspire you!

Nicola x

“My mission is to raise consciousness to help protect our planet, by creating awareness of our intimate connection to Nature…our connection to Source, where we ultimately find peace.”


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