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Are Talismans Really What They Claim To Be?

Do Talismans have any importance in a modern era?

Talismans have been around for centuries.  To some, they hold great importance.  So what is the power they really hold and how can we use them?

Talismans have been worn by Kings and Queens, people in power, Shamans, Magicians, Witches etc since recorded time.  They are generally made by someone who understands and works with the elements.  They can employ stones, symbols, metals, feathers, animals parts and generally anything that represents the energy in which they are working with and wish to bring together.  Their purpose is to bring in a positive energy for the wearer and to instil more power and confidence.

A Talisman can be a simple charm to a very complex statement piece and the purpose of each one is unique.  It may be for protection, abundance, safe travels or guidance etc. They have many uses due to the varying elements within each piece

So How Do Talismans actually WORK?

Everything has it’s own vibration.  We hear this all the time right?  What does that actually mean?  Every single item on this earth has a particular frequency of energy particular to it.  Every stone, every metal, every person, animal and so on.  Talismans aim to bring together all the particular energies to one spot that are needed for a particular purpose.  They are brought together through intuition and intent and once arranged together create a particular unified resonance that is meant to aid the wearer in some way.

They also serve to be a reminder of what they stand for.  What I mean by this, is that if you wear a talisman for particular purpose, every time you feel it or see it on you, you are reminded of why you chose to wear it and this will constantly keep the intent in your mind that it is creating for you.

Why is Symbolism important in Talismans?

Symbolism is another great aspect one can add to a Talisman.  My belief is that symbolism works like a key to your subconscious.  It acts to open the subconsious to allow for this specific frequency to come through.  Just like what ritual does.  It serves to help you shift your mindset into the required state to allow for the energies to work through you.  Sacred Geometric shapes are a great example of this.  Symbols such as these, mandalas, runes, ogham symbols etc all carry with them an intent.  They are a symbol to represent a specific frequency.

Let’s keep in mind however, that a symbol means nothing without the intent of the creator of the Talisman.

How Do I Make My Talismans?

For me I like to create pieces with as many natural materials as possible. I will always create a Talisman using quality materials that will not only last, but will also be able to carry the frequency forever, to become an heirloom. This is also my way of respecting the elements and energies that I work with by not creating an item that ends up in landfill.

I always work intuitively with all my creations. When I am in the creative process, I channel. This is probably why I love it so much. It’s like having a teacher guiding you over your shoulder and showing you what and how things need to go together. I’m guessing many creative processes happen in this way, who knows maybe our creativity is linked to a realm that we access only by channelling? However it happens, I’ve come to realise that these things take time. Weeks, sometimes years before I find the right pieces to go together.

At present, I cut most of the stones for my Talismans. When I am cutting, I totally tune into the energy of the stone. Again, it’s like I’m being guided as to what shape it needs to be, what the right time is to work on it, when to take a break and come back to it etc. It takes the guess work out of things and allows you to take a step back and relax your mind, as you become the channel for the creator to come through. By allowing this process to happen, I know that what I am creating has purpose. Sometimes when I finish a piece, I am in awe of what has just been created through me. As much as I would like to take the credit at times, I know there are greater forces at work here. Maybe that’s why I very humble and not all showy about my work.

This is one of my Talismans.  This one is called Master Healer.  Why?  Because the crystal in the center is Quartz and Quartz is known as the Master Healer due to it’s amazing properties to be able to raise the body’s vibration just by being in it’s presence.  It is so versatile, is the most abundant mineral on earth and can be used in healings for just about anything.  So let’s break it down:

  • The Crystal, which is the center piece is the Master Healer, the runes also read master healer.
  • The Acorn represents new beginnings.
  • The Antler represents strength and the ability to let go to make room for new growth.
  • The Pine Cone represents letting go
  • The Circle represents the circle of life which is never-ending
  • This piece is all sterling silver, which is a conductor.  It allows a clean, uninhibited flow of energy and silver is also said to help charge stones under the influence of the moon, so your talisman will be particularly strong around full moon!

So you might wish to wear the talisman when you are in need of a pick me up or going through a time of healing.  You might want to wear it when you are feeling empowered, as the quartz will help to amplify this feeling.  The main thing to remember is to wear it intuitively.  When do you feel drawn to wearing it and when do you feel it sometimes bothering you?  Every time I need to add a necklace to an outfit, I first ask myself, what do I need?  I will then feel which one to wear.

Whatever the process in which a Talisman is made, each piece is unique.  What appeals to one person may not appeal to the next.

The way I see it is this.  Just like animals, we intuitively seek out the medicine we need.  We have that in built sense that attracts us.  Animals seek out plants, as do we, however their senses and knowledge far exceed ours in this modern day.  We do get drawn to crystals and the like for our energetic medicine.  Follow that gut instinct, it is never wrong and over time it will get stronger.  I for one love Talismans, not because I make them.  I make them because I know the energy they possess and feel blessed to be able to co-create with them.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Nicola,
    I recently purchased your Plant Spirit Medicine Book and was pleasantly surprised to find you are in Tamborine Mountain. I live in Hope Island which is not far from you. I have been on my spiritual journey for the past two an a half years and I’m very interested in healing and learning all about plant medicine. Do you intuitively design a Talisman? If so, would you do one for me please?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Laurine x

    1. Hi Laurine,
      Wonderful to hear from you. If you want to sign up for my newsletter, I will be letting people know when I hold workshops on the mountain and online for the Plant Spirit Medicine. At this time I am unable to make any talismans due to time restraints on my other projects.

      Warm regards
      Nicola x

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