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Spirit of the Stone – Do crystals have a spirit or consciousness?

The age old question of does a stone have a spirit or consciousness, comes up over and over again.

I guess when we ask this question, it conjures up images of little beings inside of crystals that we can talk to right?  Yep this is what used to confuse me for years.  Something didn’t really feel right about it and then seeing images of little human people inside of crystals wanting to get out and say hi was a little bit too much for me to take on.  Still, it didn’t stop me from working with crystals and over time with working with Plant Medicine and doing Shamanic studies, I have come to understand what is meant by a Crystal Spirit.  This is only my interpretation of what I feel and have experienced.  Who knows, this may also change over time as I gain a deeper understanding and awareness, but this is my understanding to date.

So here starts my Spirit of the Stone Series…

I believe that everything on this earth that is capable of growth, has consciousness.  Crystals start from a single molecule and grow into a beautiful shape or structure.  Just like a seed grows into a plant or an embryo grows into a human.  Every quartz crystal has it’s unique characteristics which make it a quartz crystal, just like all Oak trees have the same characteristics of each other, a particular species of bird all look the same and every human has the characteristics of being a human.  What makes them different within their species is their particular spirit.  We are all living in ‘vehicles’ for our spirit and we carry that specific resonance or frequency that makes us what we are, but our individual spirit is what sets us apart from each other.

We are the physical manifestation of our Spirit…our spirit in physical form.  We are not just a body with a spirit inside of it.  Our spirit extends out past our physical body and then it is connected to Source energy.  In fact everything is connected and there is no end to us.

This is the same for crystals.  They are the physical manifestation of the energy behind it.  They all have an energy that is their specific frequency, which makes them form the way they do, but their energy like ours extends out past their physical shape and is connected to Source also.  Now when it comes to a stone’s specific Spirit or consciousness, I feel that yes, they do have a Spirit or consciousness that we are able to communicate with.  Sometimes it is very specific to that stone, just like my spirit is unique to my body.  So in effect, we can communicate with the Spirit of that Stone or we can communicate to the collective Spirit of all the stones of that particular kind.  Just like how you can communicate to one person’s spirit, or through meditation communicate and tap into the mass consciousness of all humans on earth.

Let me explain further using Quartz as an example:

Quartz has a particular Trigonal internal structure and composite, that makes quartz, Quartz.  It is Silicon Dioxide and displays the qualities of being able to amplify energy and it has a very high vibration.  This frequency is so precise, it is still widely used around the globe in electronic devices.  This is all basic science of Quartz.  So if one were to work with the Spirit of Quartz, you could use it’s amplification energies or use it’s ability to lift frequencies to match it’s own.  Now keep in mind how I said that the energy of the stone extends beyond it’s physical structure.  This means that this energy is available to you even if you don’t have the physical stone with you.  This is going to be extremely important in times ahead.  I feel that Crystal Healers and Energy Workers will need to shift away from using the physical stones at some stage.  It’s pretty easy to see where consumerism of crystals is going and some of the poor practices happening in the mining industry as well.  The point is, this energy is available to us if we wish to call on it.  For instance, if I am out and about and really in need of shielding myself, I might call in the Spirit of Onyx to shield and deflect any energy that isn’t serving me best.  I ask respectfully for the Spirit’s guidance and help.  Sometimes having the stone is a good reminder for us and at this stage of our evolution helps us attune to it’s energies.  Have you ever found that there was a stone or crystal that you absolutely had to have and you loved it for ages and then it just became another stone on your shelf?  This means you have attuned to the energy and maybe now it might be time to pass onto someone else that needs it in their life?

It is so important with anything that we do and acquire that we ask ourselves what affect will this have in the future?  The old saying of ‘Take only what you need’ must take centre stage in your thinking.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how consumerism is having the greatest impact on this planet and it takes small actions from everyone everywhere to make this change.

Another way of working with the Spirit of the Stone is working with the specific consciousness that may be working through your stone apart from the group consciousness of that stone.  It can be the individual spirit attached to that particular stone, just like each individual spirit within each of our bodies, or it can be a spirit that chooses to work through that stone, much like how a spirit can choose to communicate through a medium.

This is similar to what Ted Andrews says in his book Animal Speak, when he describes animals as messengers:  ‘…the animal has a spirit of it’s own, but sometimes a being will use the animal to communicate messages of the world to humans.’

In Edmund Harold’s book Crystal Healing, he goes further to explain that a quartz crystal being is unaware of ‘outer’ experiences.  It is caught up within it’s crystalline world.  When you choose to work with the crystal and dedicate it to Universal Purpose, it will desire to be a part of the ‘outer’ world.  Like a chick trying to break free from it’s shell, it’s electromagnetic energy will flow freely to try and release itself from its crystalline form, thus the process of evolution continues.

I have a necklace that I bought over 20years ago.  It is a phantom quartz and I communicate with it’s specific spirit.  For me, it’s not in the stone, it works through the stone.  I sense it and I feel when it has work to do.  I use it as my pendulum for healing.  It won’t allow me to use it as a pendulum for asking questions.  It will literally NEVER move when I ask it something.  I feel such a beautiful connection to this Spirit and I treat it with the utmost respect.  It is always there whenever I need it and it lets me know when I need to be wearing it or taking it somewhere.

So some of you might be asking, what about when you see images of things in crystals?  I guess this is a touchy subject too.  I’m a pretty logical person, so I like to try and see things from different angles.  Sometimes what you see in a stone, no matter how much you try to show someone else, they can’t see what you are seeing.  For me there can be many different reasons why this happens:

a:  Pareidolia – is a where the mind is constantly looking for patterns in things and when it perceives a familiar pattern, it will tell our mind we are seeing the image of a face or animal and so forth.

b:  Our guides will point us in the direction of images we need to see to enable them to communicate a message to us.  This is how Angel numbers work like 111, 222 etc.  The signs are all around us, but we are guided and we attract the images we need to see for our information, guidance or confirmation.

c:  If we go back to how the stone is a physical manifestation of the energy behind it, it is possible that this energy can also manifest in images for us to see.  Keep in mind here that nothing is actually solid.  All matter is made up of atoms that are just vibrating in groups together.  Sometimes an image may appear in a crystal or stone and then disappear again.  I have seen this with my Quartz necklace.  When I first bought it, it had what looked to be a Shaman holding a staff in it.  I would time and time again look at it with my jewellers loupe because it was so distinct I couldn’t believe it.  One night I did a big meditation with it and the next day, the image was gone, never to be seen again.

Whatever the reason this phenomenon happens, it is up to you to follow your gut with what it represents.  If you are unsure, ask for a clearer sign for you to understand what it means.  The main thing is to not get too caught up with the why’s and how’s.  Trust your gut with what sits right for you and intuitively go with what feels right.

Now take a look at the image of my Petrified Wood at the top of this post and tell me what you see!

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  1. I see three things: a white tree spirit, a humanoid figure, and a brown bear. I think this says a lot about me and what is important to me. 🙂 Enjoyable read!

  2. I see a house with a knight on his back, the horse is being guided up by a dragon with angel wings.

  3. I see a bear , the white heart , a dragon , the knight, a hawk and a dog kissing it’s owner .

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