Crystal Grid SecretsMy first book Crystal Grid Secrets was years in the making.  So what’s inside it and why might you need it? 

Crystal Grid Secrets is much much more than a book on Crystal Grids.  It’s a book on learning how to manifest your intentions by attuning yourself to the right frequency.  Kind of like tuning a radio.  It’s impossible to manifest what you want if you are not a vibrational match to it. Essentially the book details my journey of discovery into how the universe works and how we can tap into its creative energies to create the life we want to live.

I explain the concepts behind Source energy or what others term as God.  We explore Shamanism and go in depth into the chakras and how they relate to your core issues and beliefs within your life.  This helps us determine what crystals we need to use to work on these issues or blocks to help us align ourselves more wholly to our intention.  We do a deep dive into the world of the Doctrine of Signatures and how it relates to crystals.  This is a concept widely known within the herbal profession and is partly how indigenous tribes from all over the world can identify what plants and herbs are used for.  It explains the characteristics of a plant or herb indicate what it is for.  For example, walnuts when the shell is removed looks like a brain and is actually known to be good for brain function.  I apply this to the use of crystals so you can then become proficient in being able to choose the right crystals for your grids without the need to look up a book or do a google search. 

We then look at sacred geometry, why it is important and again learning to understand which grid to choose for your grid. Most importantly we work through what I call success planning. It’s about determining what success actually looks like for you with regards to what you want to manifest. You see, if we don’t know where we want to be, we can’t be a vibrational matchImage to what we want. This is where we really get clear on what we want and how it would feel if it were to come true. Even just this work can reveal where we have our blocks and I believe it is an integral part in the manifestation process.

We then bring it all together through ritual and activating your grid with the use of shamanic principles. Just putting some crystals in a pretty pattern isn’t really enough to help you manifest on a large scale. Crystals tend to lie dormant unless you call on spirit to help you. This is where we create a ritual that makes sense to you and you are comfortable with. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like. This is where we create space and ensure all helper spirits are present and tuned in to what you want to project.

Last but not least, it’s not about sitting back and waiting for everything to drop in your lap, this is where the work starts. It’s so important to understand how the messages come back to you once you have sent out your intention. We must be open to receive and we must act on it. Remember we are here to learn and it’s through action that we do. We can choose to push through our safety zones once and for all to reach our dreams or we can stay put. It’s up to you, but sometimes our manifestation can be so powerful we no longer have the option to ignore what’s in front of us. This is the power of manifestation if you choose to surrender to it, be open and make the changes.

I truly believe my book has the ability to change lives. Why am I so confident? Because it has changed mine. It wasn’t an easy road to be really honest, but the rewards I’ve achieved far out way the bull shit I left behind. The road will always vary for everyone and for me I was so stuck in a world that wasn’t me, so I had to let go of a lot of baggage and start believing in myself. We all have different paths, different baggage and different dreams, so I can’t offer insight into how that may play out for you, but what do you have to lose?

Don’t worry if you are new to crystals, don’t have many or don’t know where to start. You might be a beginner or advanced user of crystals, it doesn’t matter, there is something in here for everyone. I really hope you will join me on the journey to manifesting a more joyful and happy life and Imageas always, I thank you so much for your support.

Warm regards Nicola x

Would you like to hear more about my book?  Click below for my radio interview with Barry Eaton from Radio Out There, episode 778:


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