Crystal Grid Secrets


In Crystal Grid Secrets, plant medicine healer Nicola McIntosh shares her blend of nature wisdom and the power of using sacred crystals to create a greater purpose for energy healing: connecting to the divine source of life. With this book, you will:

  • Discover the advanced keys to manifesting miracles and why your attempts might not have worked in the past.
  • Learn the ancient mysticism of sacred geometry and sound resonance.
  • Dive deeper into the healing properties of crystals and chakra energies.
  • Re-awaken your connection to the source of power and life and learn how to stay connected to it.
  • Accelerate your intuitive and psychic abilities.
  • Master crystal grid techniques for earth healing, aura cleansing, self-care healing, soul purpose, and much more.

Complete with an array of stunning photographs and illustrations, easy-to-use guidance, and a unique vision, Crystal Grid Secrets takes a step beyond the norm and empowers you with a new direction toward the future of crystal healing medicine.

For more information on my book, you can:

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RELEASED:  1st November 2019



The Crystal Grid Oracle is a tool to aid spiritual growth.  The intent is to help you tune into your intuition through using the beautiful gifts of nature and accessing the wisdom of the Spirit within the Stone.    The Oracle consists of 36 intuitively created crystal grid cards, with stunning artwork and sacred geometry backgrounds.  You will also enjoy the guidebook that teaches you how to use the oracle and what each card means, how to work with it and lots of information on all the types of crystals used.

A tool to help with daily inspiration, meditation or guidance.  By accessing the wisdom of the crystal spirits that work through the Crystal Grid Oracle, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves or insight into difficult situations where we need to find answers.

Crystal Grid Oracle Guidance

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