Willow Celtic Tree Ogham

Willow – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 4

Alder Ogham Celtic Tree


4th Lunation:  24 January – 20 February


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The Willow Tree speaks of peace and tranquility.  Somewhere to take refuge when you need time out from the harshness of the world…

There is something so special about Willow Trees.  Maybe because where I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, they lined the banks of the river that flowed through the city.  They just always gave a sense of calm for me.  Laid back and going with the flow.  My favourite place in New Zealand is Lake Wanaka, where there are also Willow Trees on the bank.  I took the pic above when I was there last.  Such a place of peace.

Willows are usually found near water.  They help with stabilising the banks and can grow quite large.  Willows have that signature look of long, flexible and hanging branches covered in leaves that sway in the breezes.  There are so many kinds of Willows though, but the Weeping Willow is my favourite and tends to be the most well known.  The trunks are quite thick and rough and I guess that’s what makes the tree so beautiful, it has the long slender flowing branches and a strong thick and sturdy trunk, that also reminds us of her strength and courage due to her wisdom and her flexibility and openness due to her compassion and feminine qualities.

Willow is ruled by the moon and water and is therefore related to emotions.  She gives us a safe place to let our emotions be released through our tears.  She reminds us that it is ok to take time out and let go of all the emotions we have bottled up and that it is a natural part of being human in this reality.

Being ruled by the moon, Willow offers the beauty of mystery, psychic and intuitive abilities and enhances our dreams.  Her energy also helps us understand the messages we receive.

Willow Bark is also useful to ease pain, which again reinstates the healing quality of the Willow, which aids in taking our pain away.  The Salicylic Acid found in the bark is the main constituent that makes up Aspirin, which is now drawn from Meadowsweet.


Willow healing is perfect to call on when facing intense emotional trauma, pain, loss, anger or when feeling completely overwhelmed with life.  If you are in physical pain you can also call on her healing.  When you feel you can’t take much more, feel her energy as she shows you how to bend in the storm without breaking.  Picture yourself sitting under her branches and being shielded from the world.

Having a strong association with water, just like the Alder Tree, it shows us how to hold two worlds in check and the Celts also believed that bodies of water were the entrance to the Otherworld.  Therefore the Willow Tree has associations with the Ancestors, Faery and Deities etc.  Call on Willow when you wish to use seership to look into events or work with the spirit world.  She will help you with visions and is a useful companion to those who walk with one foot in both worlds.

For the Willow meditation, think of any emotional situation or physical pain you might be currently facing.  If you don’t have anything like that going on in your life right now that’s wonderful!  You can still discover the beauty and tranquility of meeting the Willow, so you will understand what it’s like to be in her presence 🙂

I would love to hear about your experiences as well, so please leave a comment below! And if you feel this information could benefit someone you know, please feel free to share this post!

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