Vine, Blackberry, Celtic Tree Calendar

Vine/Blackberry – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 10

Blackberry, Vine, Celtic Tree CalendarOgham: Muin (pronounced ‘muhn’):

10th Lunation: July 10 – August 7


If you missed my first post, you can access it HERE or the previous post on the Hazel/Apple Trees HERE.

There has been debate around this month being related to Vine. You will find books and articles that relate this month to Vine and if you feel inclined to honour Vine, by all means do so, every plant should be valued for its medicine. As vine is not native to the Celtic lands, the true month is said to be that of Blackberry. Vine does in fact have similarities with Blackberry. As like the Apple tree, it too is a member of the Rose family.

Blackberry grows well in nearly any soil and in some places considered a weed. It is well known for it’s prickles that like to snag your clothing, making for a very good defence. Its fruit is also well known as it is edible and commonly used to make wine.

The bramble grows in what looks like hoops. It reminds me of barbed wire. These hoops have suckering roots that take a good firm hold of the ground, spreading the anchoring of the plant to many locations instead of from one main stem. In this way, it can take over a lot of ground space and be hard to remove it from where it is unwanted.

I remember my journey to meet the Blackberry spirit. I found it interesting that it showed itself to me as a black silhouette. It brought me inside the bramble to feel the safety of being under it’s protection. It was like it had enveloped me in a bubble that the outside world could not see into. It was lighter and easier to breath in this space and the hooping of the bramble showed me how it became a tunnel of sorts and a way of travelling within the bramble unharmed. It was interesting to find out later that Blackberry connects many energies. It links different trees, plants and areas together. Because of this link, it is possible to communicate with other energies through Blackberry. For this reason, it is a good spirit to call on when wanting to work with a combination of energies at once.


There is a strength in Blackberry that shows through its ability to move and flow in any direction it desires. It is flexible, yet has a strong structure in it’s hoops and roots. Once it knows where it wants to go, it takes hold and pushes through. It shows how strong its life force is. While it is forging ahead, it is also producing flower and fruits. It teaches us that if we know where we want to go, we have to be strong, flexible and able to anchor ourselves along the way so we can forge ahead.

Vine has similar qualities. It also has the spiraling, flexibility and anchoring properties of Blackberry, however it uses whatever necessary in its path to aid it in its journey by winding around branches and trees, creating a firm hold on its host for support.

When harvesting berries from Blackberry, one must take care not to get snagged on its prickles, thus it shows us the importance of patience and being careful of getting through the brambles, or trials of life, for the reward, or fruits of your labour.

Blackberry can be called on when in need of protection. Picture yourself standing in the middle of an impenetrable bramble patch, or if you need to find a path from A to B.

So for the following meditation, I want you to think of an issue that might be useful to work on with Vine/Blackthorn. You might be needing to find a way through to the other side of an issue.  To bypass all the chaos going on around you.

If you’ve been following along for a few months of these blog posts, you will know the Tree of Life grounding exercise I do at the beginning of every journey/meditation and before any spiritual work I undertake. It is super important to do, especially before journeying. I will be leave that up to you to do before the meditation. If you need to download it or haven’t got a clue what I am talking about, don’t worry! Get it HERE.


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