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My Top 5 Crystals for dealing with Self-Esteem

Following on from the previous post of My Top 5 Crystals to Deal with Heartache we now look at crystals to help when working with your Self-Esteem.

Our Self-Esteem is something that can take quite a battering over the years and if we don’t attend to this part of ourselves, it can create huge ripples throughout our relationships, career and ultimately our level of happiness and peace.

Our Solar Plexus Chakra is the location in which we work with our Personal Power. Here we find our issues of self-worth and our relationship with ourselves. It is the chakra that dominates during puberty and by which we start to create our personality from. During that time, if we don’t have the necessary emotional support or coping mechanisms, we can form a distorted image of ourselves and where we fit in the world and we can fall into the pattern of blaming ourselves for everything that happens to us because we are not good enough.

Here is where we either experience fear of rejection or criticism, fear of our physical appearance and what others think of us, feelings of not being good enough OR courage to be ourselves, strong self-esteem and respect, strength of character etc. It is a place where we make our perceptions of how our external environment sees our internal selves. So this chakra is about how we Honour Ourselves.

Unfortunately, if we don’t work on our self-esteem issues, we are likely to keep attracting the same type of partner into our life, or no partner at all and we keep wondering why we are not treated the way we should be. This is a good reflection for you to understand how you are not treating yourself the way you should be. When we truly love and honour ourselves, we will attract a partner who will also honour and respect us. This is probably the single most important issue we need to look at when wanting to either heal from a relationship or attract a new relationship. Remember that if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. Putting in the work now, will allow for the necessary shift in your energy to bring in a vibrational match for you later.


Do I want a partner that will be less than what I dream of having because I want someone now, or am I willing to wait until I am at a vibration of total love and respect for myself that I will attract that person when I and when they are ready?

A shift in your perception is needed here from ‘What is wrong with me, I can’t find a partner’, to ‘I am prepared to wait for the time when we are in vibrational alignment to find each other’. Maybe you are thinking you have missed the boat? Try shifting your perception to understanding you might have arrived early and the boat has yet to reach the shore. Your partner may also be doing the work and just isn’t ready yet.

Here is where it can bring in the issue of ‘I am nothing when I am alone’. If you find it hard to be alone by yourself, this is a good indication that you need more time by yourself to strengthen who you are and to love every aspect of your being. Remember we attract what we ARE and if you don’t love being with yourself…well you can see where that one is headed.

The Solar Plexus is where we store and process our information around situations and traumas that have happened to us. When we have an imbalance within this chakra, the organs and issues affected are:

Stomach, Pancreas Ulcers, Pancreatitis, Diabetes Indigestion
Liver, Gallbladder, Liver dysfunction, Hepatitis
Kidneys, Adrenal Glands, Adrenal Dysfunction
Upper Intestines, Intestinal issues

Fear, low self-esteem/self-confidence/self-respect, sensitive to criticism, hard to make decisions, ego etc.

If we don’t have a good self-esteem to start with, every time we experience a rejection of some kind, we will automatically jump to the conclusion or perceive the event to be because we are not good enough, when in actual fact, it may not have been because of that at all. So you can see why it’s so important to address these issues and clear out outdated perceptions you have stored about yourself.

Body stature can also show when you have low self-esteem or if you are full of ego. Your Solar Plexus is located just below your heart. People that walk stooped over with that area ‘retracted’ from the world are protecting the area, are retracting from the world because of their low self-esteem and tend to not ‘stand up’ for themselves. Those that ‘cover up’ their self-esteem issues, may show as having a large belly. These people can either be as ’large as life’, but hiding their sadness with their layers of protection or they may be full of ego and come across as thinking they are better than everyone. Either way, they are both masks to cover up their vulnerability of not knowing who they truly are or not wanting the world to see who they truly are.

Alternatively, if you have stomach or intestinal issues and are not sure what is causing them, it could be time to look at your self-esteem and if you feel you are powerless in this world. When you have given away your power in any situation, this ultimately has an effect on your personal power. Every action has a reaction.

So what crystals come to mind when working on self esteem issues?

Generally ones that resonate with the Solar Plexus, which are yellow. All the yellow stones have a very gentle colour and that speaks a lot about how you should approach this area. Keep in mind that every condition we come across within the body is multi-faceted. There is never one single magic bullet cure. You have to look at the body holistically and this means looking at every aspect that may be a contributing factor.

Golden Calcite:

A clear yellow stone with lots of lovely internal planes of rainbows.  For me, this stone speaks about being able to see the internal planes of the issue within. Seeing everything from different angles and the fact that when you turn it, some things go out of view and others come into view, says that you need to look at your self-worth from different angles, because not everything is apparent if you look at it with just a head-on view.

self-esteem pyrite crystal


When working with any issue, it is always good to work with stones that help with grounding and protection.  It allows you to not only shift stagnant energy out of your body, but also to make grounded decisions without external influences.  That’s why I feel Pyrite is such a good stone to work with here.  It shimmers like yellow gold and it’s name is derived from the Greek word pyr, meaning ‘fire’ as it creates sparks when struck against a hard surface or another piece of itself.

It also forms in structures, which allows you to re-structure or organise your energy field in the Solar-Plexus, like you would rearrange a library.  It guards or protects yourself against control by others because of it’s incredibly strong protecting qualities, thus allows you to find your fire or power within.

self-esteem hiddenite

Yellow Hiddenite

(Triphane or Spodumene): Triphane crystals are good for removing negative energies, cleansing and restoring. Being a nice gentle colour, it is a very gentle stone, but do not underestimate it’s abilities to shift what is necessary. It can be quite an expensive stone. It belongs to the same family as Pink Kunzite and is usually the more expensive of the two, with many believing the vibration is higher. It is often used in talismans to overcome addictions because of it’s ability to work with the Solar Plexus. When we are not living in our truth and feel we cannot be ourselves, we put a cloak on that we think the world wants to see. When we live like this, we create an unhappiness that attracts addictions. Addictions of any kind give us that brief escape from living the lie we are projecting. We are covering up our unhappiness with ourselves and life.

self-esteem pink kunzite

Pink Kunzite

(another form of Spodumene, like the Yellow Hiddenite):

I like Pink Kunzite for it’s ability to shift blockages.  Being a crystal with striations, it is a mover and shaker crystal.  It takes energy in one end and shifts it straight to the other end, therefore moving energy and stagnation or issues.  It helps with overcoming heartache and loss, as well as understanding unconditional love.  So why would I pick a pink stone to work with self esteem issues?  Because we need to exercise self love and this comes from our heart centre.  These 2 chakras are also very close to one another and therefore affect each other.  A perfect combination with the Yellow Hiddenite as the two are both Spodumene, so work very well together.  If you don’t have Pink Kunzite, Rose Quartz is another great option and easier to find, but any pink stone will be of benefit here.

self-esteem selenite


Ok this isn’t an orange stone either, so why would I use this one?  Selenite helps you to connect to guides, angels and work through the Crown Chakra to help you to see the bigger picture and get guidance for your higher good.  Sometimes when we have low self esteem, we are stuck in a low vibrational state of being, believing that we are small.  Selenite helps you to regain your understanding of the bigger picture by helping you reconnect with higher energies.  From a higher viewpoint looking down, we can always see things in a better light.  It helps us remove the blocks and stand taller to understand that we are beautiful beings.  It also allows us to receive the guidance from higher sources including our higher selves so we can make the necessary changes to our thinking.

As with any crystal therapy, don’t be put off by not having the exact crystals. Substitute by using stones of the same or similar colour and if you still don’t have any, use quartz. Quartz is the master healer and can be substituted in any situation. You can also call on the Spirit of the Stone you don’t have, that you wish to work with, to come through the quartz for your healing and guidance.

If you wish to create a grid to work with self esteem issues, you might want to download the FREE Crystal Grid Template ebook and print out the yellow flower of life grid to place your crystals on!

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