Rowan Celtic Tree

Rowan – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 2

rowan-celtic-tree-oghamOGHAM: Luis
(PRONOUNCED ‘loo-ish or l’weesh’):

2nd Lunation: 29 November – 26 December







If you missed my first post, you can access it HERE.

The Rowan Tree is a hardy plant that pops up out of crevices and on the sides of mountains.  It is a tree that shows us how to overcome any obstacle that stands in our path and thrive.  It speaks of not giving up and serves as a reminder to keep finding a way to grow, no matter what lies before us.  What we perceive to be an obstacle is usually an opportunity for growth.  Sometimes what we see in our path can remain exactly where it is, we just need to find a way to grow around it.  It also speaks of growing regardless of the need for acknowledgement or nurturing from external sources.  We must find the strength within and keep moving forward.

Rowan is also known to be a highly protective tree and one of magic and prophesy.  Many Talisman has been made with Rowan, such as crosses and bound sticks with red cotton to protect one from Faeries and Witches of the negative kind.  It is usually found hung above doors or entryways into houses or above cots to ward off evil.  Sometimes bracelets of Rowan are also used to protect ones self.  If healthy boundaries between the physical and non-physical are needed, then Rowan is useful here.  The small red berry also has a tiny pentagram symbol on the bottom, which is another sign of protection and the berries are toxic to children, so also warns of danger.

Another aspect of the Rowan Spirit is it’s visionary qualities.  Norse Runes were usually inscribed on Rowan due to this ability of the Spirit to speak the meaning, making it an excellent wood to use for Ogham and divination tools.


If we see the qualities of the Rowan Tree to be protective, magical and prophetic, we gain an understanding of how it may aid us.  Call on the Rowan Tree Spirit when in need to set some healthy boundaries in a situation that could be trying to bring you down to a lower vibration or from anything that is seen to have a very negative energy.  You might like to make a rowan charm of some sort to wear or hang somewhere in your home.  Tree Spirits have an amazingly strong energy, so calling in this spirit to protect you or your home is very powerful, make no mistake.

Rowan is the perfect ally to help with protecting yourself, whilst accessing the otherworlds for knowledge and visionary instruction.  Therefore it is valuable with aiding shamanic journeying and meditation to help gain insight.  Rowan helps you to expand your divination abilities, so call on this spirit when doing readings or are in need of insight into an issue, or if you feel stuck and need to look into other possibilities.

Now take some time to think about an issue that you are needing clarity on.  Perhaps you are stuck and can’t see any possibilities.  Remember this issue so you can take it with you to the Rowan Tree in the following meditation:


I would love to hear about your experiences as well, so please leave a comment below! And if you feel this information could benefit someone you know, please feel free to share this post as I would love these teachings to reach as many as we can. I know it was a life-changing experience for myself and I would love for others to be able to experience this too.

The Alder Tree is the next post in the series.

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