Reed Celtic Tree Calendar

Reed/Broom/Blackthorn – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 12

Reed, Celtic, OghamOgham:
REED/BROOM: Ngetal (pronounced ‘nyettle or ing-tal’)
BLACKTHORN: Straif (pronounced ‘strafe’):

12 Lunation: September 5 – October 2


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An interesting month of the Celtic Tree Calendar. Why? Because there are many energies present at once. I’ll keep it simple, but allow me to explain. The knowledge passed down regarding the Ogham is a very specialised field. Scholars have studied what remains of the calendar and language and it is the modern day translation that we see. This is why you will find varying information on what this month is represented by. Some texts say Reed, some say Broom, others say Fern. It might be knowledge lost forever. My personal opinion on the matter? Go with what feels right for you. The energies of these plants are available to us at any given time, not just in one particular month. Each plant goes through it’s cycles, just as we do. Being in the Southern Hemisphere and working with plants from the Northern Hemisphere during their Autumn and our Spring can still be very relevant to us. This is what I have found to be true and so I don’t get concerned about it any more. Use it as a guide and always go with your intuition. Work with the energies of them all separately and understand their relevance, don’t be restricted to our human-limiting thoughts.

Reed is always an exciting month, because it is all about action. A time to focus and take aim for exactly what we want… Living in the Southern Hemisphere, Reed is very apt when coming out of Winter because we have slowed down over winter, gathered our strength and generally given thought to what our next steps are as we approach Spring. Spring is the month of action that propels us forward and if we know where we want to go and what we want to achieve, Reed can be a very important ally. When we set our intentions, we must be crystal clear exactly where we want to go or what we want to manifest, just like aiming an arrow at a target.

Broom as the name suggests, is what besoms or witches brooms are made of. I love the fact that this trees energy is one of clearing negativitiy, which makes it the perfect material to make a broom with. It is a plant of purification. Perfect for shedding the dense energies of winter and our sometimes depressive state during that time. Again perfect for coming out of spring and propelling our lighter selves forward. Reed and Broom could be used together to help clear any stagnant or unwanted energies that keep us stuck and Reed to help shoot us forward to where we need to be. Broom is also known for it’s ability to help us with visions or communication with spirit. You may want to seek help from spirit to show you what needs to be released or call on the Broom Plant Spirit to help you let go of trauma or unwanted energy. For this reason, Broom is a powerful ally in any healing work. Just like sweeping out your house, it helps you make room for new energies to enter your life.

Blackthorn is a small, blackish tree with spikes or thorns. It has white flowers, a red sap and dark purple berries that appear after the first frost, making it a very striking plant indeed. It is associated with death and the underworld as you can well imagine and is linked to the goddess The Morrighan. Because of this association, it may be seen as being linked to things we see as negative or challenges. This tree can also offer us protection during these times of need. It also has a strong association with faery and the sidhe (pronounced shee). The legendary Faery race that now dwell in the burial mounds in Ireland. This tree is sacred to them and can allow you to call up the Faery Wild Hunt, that helps return lost souls to the Otherworld.
Being a tree that blossoms at the end of winter, also gives us a clue as to how it can be used, especially good for the Southern Hemisphere at this time as we enter into Spring.

So for this month’s post, because we have 3 Oghams, I will give you one meditation and some exercises to do to get you familiar with the energies of them all. Below is the meditation for Reed, so what you will need to do beforehand is have a clear image of what you would like to manifest or a goal you want to aim for. See it in as much detail as possible. How do you want it to look, how do you feel in that moment. Do the Tree of Life grounding exercise beforehand and get yourself ready for the meditation, which you can find HERE.

For Broom, if you can find yourself a true Broom Besom, that would be an awesome tool to work with or keep on your altar. If you can’t locate Broom, be creative. Look for pictures of the tree that you can print off or have on your phone. Look for a Broom Ogham stave on ebay from the UK or ask in local Facebook groups if anyone has any growing that you may have a twig or two. Check out Nurseries or even draw the Ogham symbol on something and call in the presence of the Broom Tree Spirit.

For Blackthorn, I am going to leave this one up to you. No this isn’t me trying to take the easy way out! Ha ha. This is a way for you to understand how to work out how to work with a particular spirit using your own guidance. If you need help, call on your guides to give you an idea or ask the Tree Spirit itself to make itself known to you. It’s great to keep a journal so you can record all the little things that come to mind, but most importantly you need to act on the information you receive.


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