Plant Spirit Medicine book by Nicola McIntosh

A Guide to Making Healing Products from Nature.

This book is about learning to listen to the plants, just as indigenous people around the world have done for thousands of years and applying what they tell us to mend our spirit.

Learn how to listen to the plant spirits and how to access the medicine available through plants.  Learn about plant spirit medicine making – drying herbs, extracting plant properties, infusing oils and making ointments, lotions, creams, smudge sticks and many more herbal products.

Bringing together her years of herbal medicine study, as well as her practice with Celtic shamanism, Nicola McIntosh has brought her passion to life in Plant Spirit Medicine to help heal the parts of our soul and psyche that so desperately need it at this time in the story of humanity.


Plant Spirit Medicine book by Nicola McIntosh

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