Express/Strength - Spirit Stone Talisman


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Express/Strength - Spirit Stone Talisman



A Talisman to help with expressing ones self with strength.  – (pendant measures 3.5cms long)

Stone – Shattuckite – is a stone that helps people to stand in their truth.  It’s about actions and not just words.  This is an amazing stone to cut as it has many compounds within it.  Some polish up and some don’t.  This makes for a very special stone that has many aspects to work with.

Runes – Express / Strength.

Every Spirit Stone Talisman is hand-made by myself including the stones.  Please note that these stones are double-sided, which takes an extra long time to do.  They are domed to allow them to fit snugly into their brushed sterling silver disks.

Step into the realm of Spirit, where worlds overlap and Magick happens. The realm of Nature that we are ultimately connected to. Open your heart and allow this beautiful energy into your life.

Each Spirit Stone Talisman is a key, which will allow this energy to work through you. Each stone, each symbol, each charm has been picked for its specific meaning and purpose. Each Talisman holds a specific frequency. Draw on this power and honour it, for the more we honour Spirit, the more it will reveal itself to you.

Each Talisman comes in a hand-stamped recyclable box with a booklet of the above information.  Comes with Stainless Steel ball chain, which can be cut to any length.

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4.5 cm


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