Bright Eyes Tea

Bright Eyes tea is a traditional Chinese drink, which is said to clear the liver and brighten the eyes (in TCM terms).  Making it a perfect cuppa for those on computers all day, or who have hot, dry eyes.  All our blends are created by a qualified Herbalist, to ensure the right herbs are brought together in synergy.

All our blends come in beautifully labelled glass amber Apothecary Jars with Kraft Paper labels.  Once you purchase your jar, you then can purchase the refills for your jar when needed, which come in biodegradable cellophane bags.  Amber glass is always recommended to store herbs, as light can degrade them over time.  The jars protect your herbs from the light and therefore ensure freshness.  They also reduce the need for unnecessary packaging and the refill bags are also biodegradable.

Build your collection as our collection grows and enjoy a beautiful array of Apothecary Jars full of beautiful herbs in your kitchen.

If you like to try before you buy, samples are also available for all of our products.


*Chrysanthemum Flowers. (*Organic).

HOW TO USE:  Place around 5 flowers per person in a teapot or infuser.  Let steep for 15 minutes, then strain or keep your your infuser in your cup.  Drink once a day and adding a couple of Goji Berries to the tea makes it a beautiful combination.


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