Blodeuwedd Owl/Flower Face A5 Art Print


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Blodeuwedd Owl/Flower Face A5 Art Print

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Blodeuwedd A5 Art Print, is a reproduction of the the original watercolour and ink painting by Nicola McIntosh.  It has been printed on matte board and comes in a protective biodegradable cellophane sleeve.

Blodeuwedd (pronounced Blod die weth), is a Celtic/Welsh legend, of the lady made magickally from flowers.  Oak pollen, Broom and Meadowsweet.  As she could not be killed, she was turned into an Owl, which symbolises transformation.  The Owl is nocturnal and sees through the night; sees through the illusions and sees everything for what it is.  It hunts with precision for what it needs and is silent in doing so.  The Owl represents wisdom and the flowers also are representative of certain qualities.  Oak represents strength, life and stability, Meadowsweet is delicate, soft and subtle, while Broom’s brightness represents energy, vitality and warmth.  The broom branches are also perfect for sweeping away what is no longer needed.

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