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Oak – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 7

Oak, celtic, treeOGHAM: DUIR

7th Lunation: April 18 – May 15






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The Mighty Oak, the gateway to the Otherworlds….  The Oak has always held a special place in my heart.  I have an Oak Tree guardian spirit that gives me guidance.  I hear the wisdom in it’s words and always take heed of it’s advice.  I feel blessed to have this helper on my journey and have worked many times with this tree to access the Otherworlds.  So for this month’s meditation, I am going to take you on a Shamanic Journey to the Otherworlds to discover the Oaks secret doorway….

Most of us are aware of what the Oak Tree leaves and acorns look like, although sometimes it’s not as easy to spot as there are around 600 species of Oaks, but the leaves all have a very similar appearance.  They generally have 5 – 7 lobes on each side.  The trees have both male (catkins) and female flowers, with the fruit (nut), being the acorn generally containing one seed.

The trunk is usually very strong and wide and has a large root system, like a mirror image of the branches above it.  The tree is very high in tannins, which make it very resistant to fungal and insect attack.  The wood itself is very strong and hard, which makes for a perfect timber to create with.

Sadly, even though the Oak is found on many continents, some species are facing extinction due to deforestation and rising temperatures, which allows for other trees to take over.


The Oak is known to represent strength and stability, fertility, protection, grounding and wisdom.  The Oak shares its month with Beltane (Northern Hemisphere), which also honours the conception of new life and sacred marriage.  A perfect accompaniment as the acorn is such a symbol of fertility and also known in times to be used in fertility and love magic.  However, if in the Southern Hemisphere, it coincides with Samhain, which is about death, shedding and honouring our ancestors or those who have gone before us.  The Oak tree at this time is in Autumn, where it is also shedding it’s leaves.  These trees are known to house the consciousness of our ancestors, they remember all that has been and all that will be.  They are firmly planted in both worlds.  Again another perfect timing of the Oak Tree and what it represents.  If you are needing to let go of something and wanting to work with the Oak Tree spirit, you might want to visit this meditation:  Click Here.

Oak or Duir, also means ‘door’.  It is known as the doorway, the threshold between worlds and also the guardian between the worlds.  The Oak door visualisation is often used to access Faery or to journey to the Otherworlds.  Do not take this lightly, as the Oak energy is very powerful.  You must always walk this path with pure heart and intent.  If you don’t, you just simply won’t be given access through.  Spirit can see into the heart of your soul, there is no escaping or trying to be something you are not.

So whenever you are in need of strength and stability, call on the Oak.  Call to it with your heart, open your heart and allow it to see your vulnerability.  Feel the weight of the world be taken off your shoulders so you can return to a place of grounding and peace.

Oak will help you move from a stagnant place, or show you that you are moving, just ever so gently towards your goal, just as the acorn slowly becomes the tree and continues to grow at a slow and steady pace.  The acorn energy is also great to call on for fertility of any kind and especially new ideas or projects.

Lastly, the Oak is invaluable when in need of answers or seeking information.  Remember its connection to the ancestors and call upon the collective wisdom to guide you when you are lost or need clarity.  Oak will help you sift through the overwhelming amount of knowledge available to us at this time and give you exactly what you need at the right time, so watch out for synchronicities!

If you’ve been following along for a few months of these blog posts, you will know the Tree of Life grounding exercise I do at the beginning of every journey/meditation and before any spiritual work I undertake.  It is super important to do, especially before journeying.  I will be leave that up to you to do before the meditation.  If you need to download it or haven’t got a clue what I am talking about, don’t worry!  Get it HERE.

So here we start our Shamanic Journey to the Otherworlds through the visualisation of the Oak Tree.  If you are new to journeying, just know it is like a visual meditation.  You might not be able to do it first go and that is fine, but also some experience journeying different to others.  If you are not a visual person, you might feel or see different things, that is ok, we all journey in different ways and it can take some practice.  Feel free to leave comments below and I can answer any questions you might have.  The main idea is to relax, it’s not an exam!  Go with the flow and come meet the Oak Tree spirit….

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