Ivy, Celtic Tree Calendar

Ivy – Celtic Tree Calender: Month 11

Ivy, Celtic Tree CalendarOGHAM: GORT (PRONOUNCED ‘GOR’IT’):

11th Lunation: August 8 – September 4


If you missed my first post, you can access it HERE or the previous post on Vine HERE.

Ivy is a gentle energy to remind ourselves how strong we can be if we learn to lean on others for help…

Ivy is a climber. It attaches itself through little rootlets that find their way of gripping onto almost anything. It can grow quite high as it spiral climbs towards the sun, or it will continue to grow along the ground if unsupported.

You can already see what Ivy’s energies and strengths are by just it’s description. There is something I like about Ivy. Regardless of how small it is, it finds a way of reaching where it needs to go. It likes to use a host plant to provide the support it needs, but rather than steal the host’s food, it continues to draw its own supply.

Another important aspect of Ivy, is that it grows in spirals. The spiral is an important symbol in nature and life. It represents an ever growing, ever expanding cycle of life, growth and strength. The spiral also can be seen as the journey into yourself.


Ivy’s ability to find and use a host for support, shows us that sometimes we need to rely on others instead of isolating ourselves and trying to do it all alone. Sometimes we may think we are a burden on others, but Ivy shows us that this is not always the case. Ivy can give us courage when we need to find a way to climb towards the light. It’s about taking little steps and gaining a foot hold at each step of the way. Looking for openings and going with the flow with ease, not about powering through and bulldozing everything in your path. Lean where you need to lean and climb where you need to climb, but do not take or drain the energy from those that support you, use your own strength.

If you have over-exhausted yourself, call on Ivy to help you find your centre and source of strength again. Sometimes we try to get ahead of ourselves, but Ivy shows us that slow and steady always gets us to where we are meant to be.

Ivy also shows us how to go within ourselves, so if there is an issue or wound that needs healing, call on the gentle feminine energy of Ivy. She will help you revisit the wound to gain understanding. One of Ivy’s totems is the spider. The weaver of the worlds. Spider is very powerful to visit when needing answers about our life journey. Call on spider and Ivy to show you why a certain circumstance needed to happen and what you are meant to learn from it. The more we see events in our life on our woven timeline, the more we see from a subjective view how it was an integral part of our learning. We can sit back and observe because it is now in our past. We don’t need to be caught up in the emotion of it as we sit and view it from a distance. Feel the embrace of Ivy, knowing that you are protected and allow these powerful two to show you from a higher perspective in order for you to learn, heal and grow.


For this meditation, we are going to meet the Ivy plant spirit. You may wish to take an issue you need help with or you may wish to just see where it takes you. Remember, once you have met the Ivy plant spirit, you can return to ask for her help again at any time.

If you’ve been following along for a few months of these blog posts, you will know the Tree of Life grounding exercise I do at the beginning of every journey/meditation and before any spiritual work I undertake. It is super important to do, especially before journeying. I will be leave that up to you to do before the meditation. If you need to download it or haven’t got a clue what I am talking about, don’t worry! Get it HERE.


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