Holly Celtic Tree Calendar

Holly – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 8

Holly Celtic Tree CalendarOgham: Tinne (pronounced ‘chin-yuh’):

8th Lunation: May 16 – June 12






If you missed my first post, you can access it HERE or the previous post on the Oak Tree HERE.

The Holly Tree is well known as a Christmas symbol with it’s spiked leaves and red berries. It has the unique quality of being able to produce these berries right through the winter. This helps provide food through the winter for many small creatures in an environment that is otherwise barren of food. It was another sacred tree to the ancient Celts, however it is mostly grown as a hedge or small shrub, rather than it growing tall in the wild. It’s leaves are most spiky around the base. If left to grow on it’s own, it has been known to reach greater heights creating a thicket of trees.


Having a prickly leaf to protect it, Holly is the perfect tree to plant for protection around your home or call on when in need of protection from people or unwanted energies. The wood was also used for chariot wheels and spears, which also associates it with protection and defence.

Because Holly shows its strength through winter by bearing it’s berries throughout the season, it can help you with getting through the struggle of sometimes dense or depressing energies during this time. It can help you focus on just yourself and to not worry about what’s happening outside of you. It represents the life force that is ever present even when we feel it has left or deserted us. It can nurture us or provide the ‘fruit’ for survival through harsh times.

Holly is also associated with fire. It is referred to as ‘fires of coal’, which could be a reflection of its berries or the fact that it is associated with the Celtic Otherworld and the forge of the god of smiths Goibniu. Because of this association, it can also represent that you may be going through a trial or transformation. You may need to fight and stay strong. Holly can help you when you are in the midst of this trial and help you to emerge stronger and wiser. It may be a time to understand your strengths and how to draw on them to spark your inner fire and fight.

So for the following meditation, I want you to think of an issue that might be useful to work on with Holly. You might be in need of some protection or a place to feel safe from what’s going on around you or you might need to find the strength to push through your trial to come out the other side wiser and stronger.

If you’ve been following along for a few months of these blog posts, you will know the Tree of Life grounding exercise I do at the beginning of every journey/meditation and before any spiritual work I undertake.  It is super important to do, especially before journeying.  I will be leave that up to you to do before the meditation.  If you need to download it or haven’t got a clue what I am talking about, don’t worry!  Get it HERE.

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