Hazel Apple Celtic Tree Ogham

Hazel / Apple – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 9

Hazel Ogham Celtic Tree


9th Lunation: June 13 – July 10

Apple Ogham Celtic Tree




(PRONOUNCED ‘kwert’):





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Gain true wisdom from the Hazel Nut and learn to heal your female lineage with the Apple Tree…

Yes!  Hazel and Apple share the same month.  There are only 2 months that are like this.  So I’ll start with Hazel.

With links to Merlin, I see why Hazel trees are so special.  Do you want to partake of their knowledge?….

Hazel trees are small trees, with shallow roots, that have large oval leaves with jagged edges.  They look beautiful as they turn yellow in the Autumn months.  Bearing both male and female flowers, catkins and blossoms, bearing the all familiar hazel nut that we have all come to know and love, although it can take up to nine years to bear it’s fruit.

The Ogham symbol here is known to represent wisdom, intuition, creativity, bounty and abundance.  For this reason, it is common to find wands made from this tree.  You will find many a reference in the old texts to wands made from Hazel.  Sticks were also known to be used in dowsing.

So how are they related to Merlin?  In Celtic legend, 9 hazel nuts were said to have fallen into the fountain of wisdom, where a salmon ate them.  Thus giving the salmon all the knowledge in the world, allowing it to then shapeshift into ‘The White Ancient’ Fintan, who we know as Merlin today.  Thus we understand how the nuts can give us wisdom from a higher perspective.

Helping with bringing forth your creativity and intuition, hazel is great to work with if you have a block in this area.


Eat hazelnuts when you are in need of insight or knowledge about something from a higher perspective.  It is always easier to assess situations from the outside looking inwards.  Hazel also teaches us to look inwards and find our own inner wisdom.  Remember that all the Hazel nut needs to grow is within itself.  It just needs to wait for the right condition and nurturing for it to grow into a tree.

Seek out Merlin in your journeys or meditations if you are in search of wisdom or the arts of shapeshifting and magic.  Keeping in mind that shapeshifting is not always a physical change, it is shifting your consciousness to view through another beings eyes.  To see from a different perspective.

Seek the knowledge you require and be open to books, people or messages coming from many different sources.  Tune into your intuition to feel what is right and what is not.  Trusting in your intuition is wisdom in itself.  Creativity is born from trusting your intuition and thus another way hazel can help you with any blocks you may be facing with your creativity.

Hazel nut necklaces or charms can be made for intuition, wisdom, creativity and even love.  Forked hazel branches can be used for divining and don’t forget about hazel wands!

For this meditation, we are going to want to take with us a question or issue that we want to gain insight or wisdom on.  I have kept it very brief.  Sometimes we feel we need to meditate for long periods of time in order for it to be real and successful.  This really isn’t the case.  You can still gain wisdom and insight in small amounts of time, it is just a matter of practice.


Hazel also shares it month with the magical Apple tree.  Not only do we get to work with the magnificent Hazel, we also get to work with the Avalon energies of the Apple…

I was amazed when I found out the apple tree belongs to the Rose family.   Although the Apple tree of the Ogham actually refers to the Crab Apple which is the original Apple tree, unlike it’s cultivated Apple Tree of today.  Apple trees can grow quite large and bear an amazing amount of fruit after their stunning apple blossoms in the spring.

The Ogham of the Apple represents female connection of ones lineage and to Mother Earth.  The Apple tree is known for it’s connection to the Fae and the Isle of Avalon.  It is regarded as sacred and magical.

The Apple is also known for its symbol of fertility and abundance.  Bearing many fruit and within each apple are the seeds capable of bringing forth more life.  The fruit when cut width ways, reveals the five pointed star, the pentagram.  Another reason why it is linked to magic.

The Silver Branch often referred to in old myths was an apple tree branch adorned with silver bells and often bearing apples.  It was a symbol of connection to the otherworld.  A symbol of being able to call on the spirits with a shake of the branch.  It could also represent a symbol of position.

The Apple tree can also play host to Holly, as we have already discovered is another tree revered by the Celts.  Thus, both these trees have a relationship with one another, so combining the Oghams or calling in both trees when working on a specific issue can be very powerful indeed.


Apple is looked upon like a loving and healing mother.  Remember the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away?  Well it is also known to take your heartache.  She helps take your wounds away and holds you in a loving embrace of female energies.  You might feel as though your grandmother or great grandmother is there holding you in their arms.  Call on her or Mother Earth to help you through trying times of the heart when you need that embrace only a mother can bring.  Maybe bake up a nurturing warm apple pie.

Sit with apple when wanting to make connection with the Avalon Isle or with the Fae.  When working with the Fae it is vitally important to work with an open heart, so I feel this is the relationship they have with this tree.  Apple helps with matters of the heart, taking away the pain that keeps it restricted or closed.  Allow yourself to let go of the hurts of the past and open your heart again, for when you close off your heart, you close off your connection with Nature.

Wands are particular to good to make from Apple branches.  Inscribe the Ogham symbol on them or create your own silver branch by adding silver bells to it.

I’m going to leave the apple tree meditation a mystery for you to discover.


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