The Crystal Grid Oracle is a tool to aid spiritual growth.  The intent is to help you tune into your intuition through using the beautiful gifts of nature and accessing the wisdom of the Spirit within the Stone.  It is also about finding Peace and Love within ourselves.  When we find this Peace and Love within ourselves, we radiate Peace and Love.  When we radiate Peace and Love, we attract more Peace and Love.  I want to create a movement around the world of Peace and Love.  I also want to help people find this Peace and Love with their connection to Nature.  We are a part of the eco-system and what we do to the environment, we do to ourselves.  Finding this connection within ourselves and also to Nature, will ensure that we understand the necessity of caring for our environment.  That is my ultimate goal in the end.

I have intuitively created and photographed all the grids, written the guidebook and did all the graphic design work.  It has truly been a journey and over time I have come to understand the deck more and what it has to offer.

For me it was also important to create an eco-friendly deck.  This deck is printed with the utmost care and respect for the environment using an eco-friendly printer, recycled card and no shrink wrap!

  • Australian Made

    Printed in Australia by an eco-friendly printer

  • Recycled Card

    Printed on recycled paper and card

  • Responsible Forestry Practices

    Only responsible forestry practices used in the creation of this deck

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