I’m creating some exciting courses so I can share my work with you!  What’s even better is they will be offered online!  You can do them from anywhere you live around the world in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.


Crystal Grid Oracle Workshop

– Learn to work intuitively with The Crystal Grid Oracle
– Create a guidebook that is uniquely your own interpretation of the deck
– Learn all the creative ways to use the Oracle that is not like a normal deck

Crystal Grid Intensive

Intensive deep dive into the world of crystal grids.



Wand Making Course

A comprehensive course on how to create your own wand, including materials, techniques and intuitively working with the elements.

FREE mini e-courses!

Bought a wand or want one and have idea how the frick to use it?  Yep, I know how that feels!  I’ve been making wands for a few years now and have really come to understand what they are and how to really use them without feeling all Harry Potter like…as cool as that would be!
Who hasn’t experienced heartache at one time or another?  Yep, it sucks big time and you feel like you will never fill that hole in your chest where your heart used to be.  Well, there are ways to help ease the pain and crystals are such a beautiful tool in your heartache toolkit!  So how do we use them?  I’ll teach you my tried and tested methods (yes I have used them many times!)
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