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Birch – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 1

birch-ogham celtic treeOgham:
Beth, Beith
(pronounced ‘beh’):

1st Lunation:  1 – 28 November




Welcome to the first month of the Celtic Tree Lunar Calendar – Birch!

If you missed my first post, you can access it HERE.

The Birch is known for it’s beautiful silvery, white bark and ghostly appearance.

The Birch tree is one of the first trees to leaf in Spring and generally lies on the borders of the forest, so you have to travel through them first to get to the forest. They rapidly colonise open ground after a disturbance or fire, showing us the destruction of the old and first to establish something new. It’s no surprise then, that this tree is the first on the Celtic Tree Calendar.

It teaches us about establishing boundaries and leaving the old behind to allow for the new. It is also seen as the boundary guardian to the Otherworlds. It also shares a relationship with the white-spotted, red mushrooms of most fairytales, the hallucinogenic fly agaric mushroom, which has been used for centuries by shamans and witches.

It is a self-propagating tree with both female and male catkins, which may be looked at as life arising out of life. It is therefore no wonder that the Birch represents new beginnings. We also know that with new beginnings comes endings. It represents a new start, a cleansing perhaps. A time of overcoming difficulties or obstacles and stepping into a new way of being. Leaving the old behind.

The tree is not a long lasting tree, but it breaks down to provide nourishment for other trees and a myriad of other life. Thus showing it’s self-sacrificing nature and also the need to let go and provide space for the new. Build the foundations with the right elements to help grow and nurture whatever project is to come and to make space for it to grow and flourish.


Let’s experience for ourselves what the Birch Tree energy feels like. 

I have prepared a beautiful meditation to help you to tune into the Birch Tree’s energy.  Make sure you will not be disturbed, have a drink of water and make yourself comfortable.  If you have a journal, keep it ready to record your experience afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed the meditation!


So as you might expect, you would invoke or ask for Birch Healing when birthing of a new phase of your life or to help you with endings. Birch will give you support whilst helping you to release expectations, old habits or behaviours that may be hampering you stepping forward. Birch shows us how to shed our old skin to make way for the new that is already there growing under the surface.

Allow Birch to take the burden from your shoulders of the everyday world and provide you with a place to remember to just ‘Be’. A place in time where time ceases to exist. Birch gives you the strength to stay in your centre, while flowing and bending with the breeze, reminding us to be flexible and pull us out of our rigidness.

You can also use the actual bark of the tree to write your intentions on or to let go of that which you want to release. Birch water has also been used for centuries and is a nutrient dense water, which normally flows to the new leaves to help them grow.

You can also call on Birch when you can no longer see the forest for the trees. You have felt Birch’s gentle yet strong presence. You are now connected. Remember to honour this gift and take care of any Birch trees you come across.


So what do we do now?
We ask for the Birch Tree Spirit to come into our lives for this month for us to continue to learn and grow from. If you have Birch Trees growing, ask for a branch, leaves or bark. Always asking will create a respectful relationship and you would be surprised at what you receive. Even if you don’t have a Birch Tree, you might ask for a gift and you may receive something from a friend or find something in a shop or online. I have a set of Ogham staves in each of the corresponding woods that I bought on eBay. They are drilled at the top of each one so you can wear them on a chain. This is a great tool if you don’t live in an area where they have the trees. Even just creating a journal of your experiences and printing a few images to stick in there will help you to connect. I journaled my experiences for the year and found it so much fun!

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I would love to hear about your experiences,
so please leave a comment below!

If you feel this information could benefit someone you know, please feel free to share this post as I would love these teachings to reach as many as we can. I know it was a life changing experience for myself and I would love for others to be able to experience this too.

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