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Ash – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 5

Ash-Celtic Tree CalendarOGHAM: NUIN (PRONOUNCED ‘nin’):

5th Lunation:  February 21 – March 20


If you missed my first post, you can access it HERE or the previous post on the Willow Tree HERE.

The Ash Tree, the place to visit when you need to find your centre and seek guidance about past, present or future events.  Today I’m taking you to meet the Fae at the World Tree…

The Ash Tree can grow very tall, up to 40 metres high and has a distinct type of winged fruit that look like canoe paddles and called ‘Ash Keys’.  They are very common all across Europe and normally are planted along roads, they also grow in woodlands close to water, but can also tolerate higher, drier ground.

It is often called the World Tree, which comes from a common myth from all around the globe, of the tree that resides at the centre of the world.  It is believed to be the centre of everything and every dimension.  Ash also represents the past, present and future with the 3 fates.  The cycle of birth, death and rebirth, the ever endless cycle of energy.  Norse Mythology refer to it as the Yggdrasil.  It is centre of everything, all is dependant on it and revolving around it.  It is the famous tree that Odin hung from in search of wisdom and in doing so, received the Rune symbols.

The Celts also believed the tree was one of enchantment and magic.  A perfect tree to craft wands from, it was also used to make staves and spears.


The Ash Tree and humans are bridges between the physical and non-physical.  If the Ash tree resides in the centre of everything, it must know all.  Therefore Ash can help us expand our awareness and consciousness of ourselves and all of reality.  It is a tree of understanding and will therefore show us compassion.  It can help shed light on situations that we are unable to see because it already stands in the future.  It can also help us find our centre again.

A journey to the Ash Tree can provide us a glimpse of our past, present or future selves, for all time exists as one.  We can travel to the future and gain wisdom on how best to create the life we wish to have and implement it into our present day.  We can gain valuable insight into past trauma that keeps us stuck and from a different perspective may be able to let it go.  Or find your centre when you are feeling completely overwhelmed or bogged down in the present day of low vibrational issues happening around the world.  Whatever the situation, sitting with Ash and/or working with the 3 fates can bring profound healing and allow you to make a giant leap forward.


For the Ash meditation it will be beneficial to take with you a question you might like to ask of the 3 fates.  This can be something to do with either the past, present or future.  You might want advice with regards to a project you are undertaking and what the future looks like for it on your current path and if there is any insight that you could use now to help with it.  You might want to look at an area that has caused you grief in your past that you want guidance on how to let it go, or an issue that is affecting you in the present moment.

If you’ve been following along for a few months of these blog posts, you will know the Tree of Life grounding exercise I do at the beginning of every meditation.  This is a grounding exercise and I do it before any spiritual work I undertake.  I will be leaving that up to you to do from now on and jumping straight into the meditation.  If you need to download it or haven’t got a clue what I am talking about, don’t worry!  Get it HERE.

I would love to hear about your experiences as well, so please leave a comment below! And if you feel this information could benefit someone you know, please feel free to share this post!

You can find the next post HERE.

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