Alder Tree Celtic

Alder – Celtic Tree Calendar: Month 3

Alder Ogham Celtic TreeOGHAM: FEARN

3rd Lunation:  27 December – 23 January







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Alders are beautiful, slender trees, that grow fairly tall and are often found close to water.  Alders have female and male catkins that adorn the tree in Winter after the leaves have fallen, showing us that it holds masculine and feminine qualities.  The female element is it’s relation to Water, emotions and the water spirits called Undines, who help clear and cleanse water all over the planet.  It’s roots have a relationship with a certain bacteria that also creates a nitrogen rich environment in the soil, which helps other trees growing around them.  This also shows the mothering and supportive quality of this beautiful tree.  The masculine energy holds strength and protective qualities.  It is a hard wood, that is highly water resistant and it was often employed in the use of making shields and the construction of fords and bridge supports, hence why it is known to be highly protective and can act like a shield or give you support when needed.  It’s also known to show us a strong fighting ability. The Alder tree when cut, turns a rich red colour, like blood and was said to bleed for the warrior.

The Alder tree also has an association with the Celtic God Bran, who is also associated with the Raven, a totem of prophecy.  After Bran died, his head continued to speak messages from the Otherworld or Underworld, giving the Alder tree an association with the connection to the Underworld and bringing forth prophecy.

The Alder month also marks the beginning of the Celtic solar year.  A time of welcoming in the new with our New Years resolutions.


Having both masculine and feminine energies, Alder can help bring balance to these energies within and around us. We can also draw on it when we just need one specific element. Call on the female qualities when you are feeling emotional or the masculine when you need to stand your ground or make new ground.
Call on the Alder when you need strong defences and shielding or for protection whilst you move forward.
When seeking guidance or prophecy, call on Alder or sit with Alder. Having Alder on your altar or having it with you when you use an oracular tool is helpful. Watch for messages from Ravens also. Alder helps with opening up the channels of the Otherworld.
Alder twigs, bark and flowers make beautiful natural dyes. The flowers for green, bark for red and twigs for brown. These colours have an association with the clothes of faeries and elves.
Apparently Alder leaves placed inside your hiking boots are good to relieve sore aching feet and poultices can be made to reduce swellings.

For the Alder Tree meditation, I would like you to think of a question you may be searching for an answer for, or a situation you wish be shielded from and get yourself ready to take it to the Alder Tree.

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I would love to hear about your experiences as well, so please leave a comment below! And if you feel this information could benefit someone you know, please feel free to share this post!

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